FAQs About Early Child Education Services

17 April 2023
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What are early childhood education services and how do you choose the right program? Take a look at what parents need to know about child learning centers, pre-k, daycare, and the best educational options for their preschoolers.

Are Early Childhood Education Centers Daycare Programs?

The answer to this question depends on the school or center. An early childhood education program is exactly what the name implies. It's a program that provides educational (academic and developmental) services for young children. Even though early education programs are educational environments, your young child won't spend the entire day in classes. Instead, these programs provide age- and developmentally-appropriate content in a way that engages the young child and encourages exploration.

Childcare and daycare programs also provide educational services. But these options may focus more on care and supervision than curriculum and content. Many daycare programs provide full-day/full-week schedules, while an early learning center may only offer partial-day or partial-week services. The specific hours or schedule of an early education program vary by school and could also include full-time options.

What Do Children Learn In Early Childhood Programs?

There isn't one universal early childhood curriculum that every school will use. This means programs differ in the overall curriculum, specific content areas, lessons/activities, and methods or educational philosophies. 

Even though programs will have differences, many early childhood schools will include:

  • STEM. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. These activities are often connected and blend together. But it's also possible that a program may offer individual activities or lessons in each area.

  • The arts. These content areas include visual arts (such as painting, drawing, and sculpting) as well as the performing arts (music, drama, and dance/creative movement).

  • Early literacy. Young children are building the literacy skills necessary to become lifelong readers. This content area includes reading, letter recognition, spelling, book handling, communication/language, and writing.

  • Social studies. Your child will learn about community helpers, such as the police, firefighters, and doctors/medical providers. Social studies content will also include lessons on other cultures, people, and places. 

  • Physical education. Academic education isn't the only type of learning or skill-building content in preschool. Gross motor activities that help the young child to build strength, coordination, and balance are also part of the curriculum.

Along with these content areas, early childhood learning centers will also help preschoolers to develop social and emotional skills. Young children can build these abilities through group learning opportunities, class discussions, and open play activities. 

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