A Look At Typical Communication Goals For Children During Autism Therapy

5 December 2019
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For children who have autism, challenges with communication are often some of the biggest challenges to overcome as they grow and start school. Parents of children with autism should consider child care programs that provide autism therapy every day because early intervention therapy can help the child grow to be more functional and capable adults. Communication-based therapy is a big part of these programs. Take a look at some of the communication goals that are usually in place for children who are in autism therapy. Read More 

Tips For Choosing The Right After-School Program For Your Child

1 August 2019
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Many households have two working parents, so it can be very difficult to ensure that parents are able to pick their child up from school at the end of the school day. If your work schedule does not align with your child's daily school schedule, a simple solution is to find an after-school child care program. When your child is enrolled in an after-school child care program, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that he or she will spend time in a safe and fun environment until you can pick him or her up. Read More