2 Tips For Dropping Your Child Off At Daycare For The First Time

23 September 2017
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The very first time you drop your child off at daycare can be a difficult day for both of you. This is something that is new and something that can be a bit scary. In order to ensure that the drop off goes well, or at least as well as possible, there are certain things that you can do to prepare both yourself and your child. This helps you be less emotional and stronger for your child, and it helps them to feel more safe and less anxious when you drop them off at daycare. This article will discuss 2 specific tips for dropping your child off at a daycare like Kidstown Drop-In Child Care Center for the first time. 

Explain To Them What Happens Beforehand

Just as adults feel much more prepared when they have time to plan and gather information on something, many children are the same way. One of the reasons your child may be fearful of going to daycare is simply the fact that they have no idea what to expect once they arrive. They may not know what it will be like, who will be there, etc.

In order to make your child feel more at ease, you can tell them what is going to happen beforehand. You can explain how the drop off works, who will be there to get them, what fun things they will do while you are gone, when you will pick them up, etc. Having this information can help them to feel confident that they will be okay when you drop them off and that things are not as scary as they originally thought.

Let Them Bring A Comfort Object

If your child has a comfort object that they like to bring everywhere with them, then let them bring this object to daycare if they so desire. This object will bring them a great deal of comfort and will even help them to feel as if they aren't alone. It could also act as a toy for them and can help them to play and interact with other children who are curious to see what their toy is. You will want to make sure that you contact a daycare worker before hand to ensure that the comfort object is allowed, and also to simply make them aware that the object is your child's, so they know who to return it to if it happens to get lost.